Prepaid Expense: Definition and Example

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  • Proper recording and amortization of prepaids is important for producing accurate, reliable financial statements.
  • This may require an adjusting entry to reclass rent expense to a prepaid account.
  • While prepaid rent and other prepaid expenses are assets, their value will typically be reduced within a short period.
  • For example, insurance is a prepaid expense because the purpose of purchasing insurance is to buy proactive protection in case something unfortunate happens in the future.
  • Hence, the journal entry above is simply increasing one asset (prepaid rent) together with the decreasing of another asset (cash).

In short, store a prepaid rent payment on the balance sheet as an asset until the month when the company is actually using the facility to which the rent relates, and then charge it to expense. After this entry, the prepaid rent balance becomes zero while the rent expense account increases to $5,000, creating a balance between the two accounts. This example journal entry doesn’t involve the income statement account because both the prepaid rent and cash amount go on the balance sheet. Therefore, this journal entry covers increasing one asset (the prepaid rent) and decreasing another asset (the cash account).

What is the Journal Entry for Prepaid Expenses?

BlackLine Account Reconciliations, a full account reconciliation solution, has a prepaid amortization template to automate the process of accounting for prepaid expenses. It stores a schedule of payments for amortizable items and establishes a monthly schedule of the expenses that should be entered over the life of the prepaid items. If the prepaid rent meaning lease agreement defines the rent payments as contingent upon a performance or usage but also includes a minimum threshold, the minimum is used in the calculation of the lease liability. Because of the inclusion of the minimum threshold, the lessee has a commitment to pay at least the lower amount regardless of actual performance or usage.

  • In short, store a prepaid rent payment on the balance sheet as an asset until the month when the company is actually using the facility to which the rent relates, and then charge it to expense.
  • Prepaid rent is a common payment method that tenants make in advance of their lease.
  • The tenant is still required to make ongoing monthly rental payments for the remaining three months of the lease.
  • The amount is carried on the books of the business renting the property in the prepaid rent expense account.
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One rent payment goes from the prepaid rent asset account to the rent expense account as the months pass. The process is repeated as many times as necessary across the accounting period. Prepaid expenses are considered current assets because they are amounts paid in advance by a business in exchange for goods or services to be delivered in the future. Prepaid expenses usually relate to the purchase of something, such as rent or insurance, that provides value to the business over several accounting periods (often six months or a year). The business records a prepaid expense as an asset on the balance sheet because it represents a future benefit due to the business.

Perseverance and Time Management: Achieving Balance in a Busy World

You should always create a personal expenses journal entry when you make the purchase, regardless of when you actually use the goods or services. For prepaid rent, that means making an entry after paying the advance rent. If a company fails to account for rent expenses by reducing the prepaid rent, as shown above, the total assets get overstated while the total expenses are understated.

prepaid rent meaning

Make sure you have all the relevant documents, such as invoices and receipts, to prepare and enter the prepaid rent into your balance sheet accordingly. Before jumping headfirst into making journal entries, it helps to know how each main account is affected by the credits and debits of your business. Assets and expenses are both increased by debits or decreased by credits. Liabilities, equities, and revenue are all increased by credit and decreased by debit. Doing so records the incurring of the expense for the period and reduces the prepaid asset by the corresponding amount. Whether you’re new to F&A or an experienced professional, sometimes you need a refresher on common finance and accounting terms and their definitions.

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